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Welcome to Thyme Therapy & Wellness - I'm Mackenzie. Take a look around and feel free to email me with any questions you have. 

Why Thyme?

Around the time I started my private practice, I started collecting house-plants. I love being in nature, so bringing it inside only makes sense. In researching the different meanings of plants, it turns out thyme symbolizes both courage and strength. I believe it takes great strength and courage to confront our struggles, feel our emotions and get out of our comfort zone. Taking the time out of our busy lives to reconnect with ourselves is so important and powerful. 


Registered Psychologist


Meet Ivy

Therapy-dog *in training*

She is quite possibly the sweetest little pup you could ever meet - as long as she gets her "gremlin mode" out first. Since about 4 months, we have been attending training regularly. In order to get certified, she has to be 1.5 years old, so we still have some time until we get to that point!

Ivy does come to the office but is not there every day or session (she needs days off too!). Most of the time you will find her hunting for treats, chewing on a bone, sleeping and (very rarely) stealing handouts.

If you are allergic to dogs, then working with myself may not be the best option, as there could be left over fur in the office. However, if you're simply not interested in her being present, you can opt out.


What You Can Expect






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